• Our story

    It was in 1999 that Giscard Jammal, the current President, after acquiring some experience in the commercial sector in a mannequin manufacturing company, founded in a few square meters what was to become one of the world leaders in the creation, production and sale of articles for point of sale, specializing in the clothing sector: the Giscardo Group SARL.

    Giscardo Mannequins was born from the passion for elegance, luxury and beauty natural -

  • Services & Products

    Giscardo Mannequins also offers AFTER-SALE ASSISTANCE to their customers including mannequin renovation which covers the repair and re do of make up and body color .

    - Mannequin Production
    - Accessories purchase
    - Hangers
    - Garment bags
    - Clothing accessories
    - Makeup and Wigs

  • Ecology

    Giscardo Mannequins develop 100% vegetable fiberglass manufacturing process. The fiber is grown in China and offers the same technical characteristics as fiberglass. Mannequins made from these renewable resources can now be recycled by incineration at a fraction (one quarter) of the temperature required by their fiberglass counterparts. We have also adopted a roto-casting technique using 25% plant-based material and we are working with research laboratories to increase the share of green products on offer.

    Giscardo Mannequins is not only committed to constant innovation in design but also puts ethics at the heart of its production process for every one of its brands.

  • Reach complaince

    We abide by the European Union standards for implementing the REACH directive, designed to provide greater control over the quantities and types of chemicals used in manufacturing. The directive calls for the registration, evaluation and restriction of chemical substances, in order to improve the protection of human health and the environment.

    With a few minor revisions through the Giscardo experience, the company was able to unfold a charm and a timeless product. This is how these new collections, which truly changed the art of Visual Merchandising, were born. Those thin and flexible figures became expressive, and would say, almost blessed with a soul.

  • Our Clients

    We have worked with the world’s best haute-couture names, such as:

    Elie Saab

    Georges Chakra

    Basil Soda

    Zuhair Mrad

    Georges Hobeika

    Tony Ward

    Nicolas Jebran

    Rabih Kayrouz

    Ziad Nakad

    Robert Abi Nader

    International boutiques and department stores:

    La Fayette

    ABC Mall

    Harvey Nichols

    Punto Roma

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