In a world where designers are constantly desirous for the perfect mannequins to add some life and luxury to their unique creations, Giscardo Mannequins decided to open its doors in 1999. The reason is very simple:
we are passionate about creativity, luxury, fashion and innovation, and we strive to make them come alive. That's where our sophisticated tailor and shop window mannequins come in.

Our young, forward-thinking and flexible team understands the needs and desires of every modern retailer and fashion designer, and we work relentlessly towards reaching customer satisfaction.
From inception to completion, drawing to delivery, we oversee every single step of the development process with the eye of an artist and the hand of a craftsman.

Attaining perfection is no easy task. Just like any artistic creation, it is an extended process that requires passion, time, knowledge and strong attention to detail. Creating a mannequin means creating reality; it means being closest to perfection. It is done based on specific standards and a successful synergy between advanced technology and artistic craftsmanship. We understand that each customer has their own set of needs and we strive to fulfill these requirements in every way possible.

Every retailer, brand and fashion designer has its own identity, color, shape, attitude and style. At Giscardo Mannequins, this is something we strongly value, and we strive to develop artistic creations that fit perfectly into a new or already existing concept. First, we try to fully understand the client's desires, and once that step is done, we start from scratch, using all the information, expertise and creativity.

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